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Hannah's Art School

14641 Lee Highway # 202 (Second Floor), Centreville, VA 20121

Mission Statement

At Hannah's Art School, our mission is to help students develop and enhance their unique creative energy, to instill pride and confidence, and to help students develop creative problem-solving skills, through their artistic expressions and by utilization of a variety of mediums.

"Unique Creative Energy"

This is an important part of our mission. It recognizes that art is uniquely personal to each individual. We strive to enhance what is already unique and special about the student's individualized art skills.

"Instill Pride and Confidence"

Having pride and confidence in one's art necessarily equates to having pride and confidence for one's individual style and expression. In Hannah's Art School, each art project incorporates a creative element, but it also includes an expressive element which may entail written, verbal, and peer review components.

"Develop Creative Problem-Solving Skills"

With each art project, we identify problem-solving points which are critical for the direction of the art piece. At these points, we want to define the options, the consequences, and the reasons for why one particular direction is pursued over another.

"Utilization of a Variety of Mediums"

Artists draw, paint, design, fold, cut, glue, break, build ... and at Hannah's Art School, we want our students to do all of the above! Of course, if one medium is what you wish to emphasize, we have those options as well.