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Hannah's Art School

14641 Lee Highway # 202 (Second Floor), Centreville, VA 20121


Our April Fruit Loops theme was an interesting project for all, and the creativity that everyone displayed was truly outstanding. For example, Johnny created a hybrid between a mango and pineapple (Pango), while Sarah created a wonderful display poster of her fruit hybrid, the Strawmelon; Emily's Pearpling crossed a pear, orange, and apple; Min crossed a pineapple and melon to create a Pimelo; Andrew crossed a hot pepper and sweet berry to create the Papaberry; Justin crossed a lemon and grape to create Lemogrape. And there were so much more.

But one truly captured the essence of the project, in it's choice of fruits, display sculpture, commercial presentation, and overall professionalism. The winner is ... Katherine's Cayenne Melonapple! This creative specimen crossed a fiery hot cayenne pepper, with the juicy, sweet, fleshy melon, in the compact size and crisp of an apple. The fruit is at once visibly pleasing, and tantalizes your taste buds. Moreover, the advertisement is well devised, using fire as a consistent visual to surround the fruit.

Congrats to one and all, and special congrats to Katherine for a job well done! To the winner go the spoils, Katherine will recieve a small gift basket, courtesy of Hannah's Art School!


Ever hear that phrase before? It generally means that each person is entitled to their own opinions including likes and dislikes. It also carries a mature assumption insofar as recognizing individual preferences also means respecting ideas and opinions that may be different from your own. This month, Hannah's Art school will focus on each individual preference. Each student is asked to bring to class an item, or thought, or picture, whatever it is that inspires! Next, we'll discuss the item's meaning, and I'll work with the student to develop an art project--painting, drawing, woodcarving, clay, mixed media, photography, the possibilities are endless!

So, here's to individual style, self-expression, and .... "to each their own!"


Take a stroll around the grocery store fruit section, and you'll see nature's seasonal candies. Yes, I'm talking about fruits!

Fruits have been artistically expressed for millions of years. From early caveman to the renaissance to modern and post modern studies, every generation of artists have depicted fruits in their art. And for good reason: fruits are visually stunning and diverse. There are round apples, oval watermelons, and pear-shaped ... well, pears! Colors are oftentimes named by their associated fruit (i.e. Orange). There are bumpy and smooth textures, even hairy textures!

This month, Hannah's Art School will study the many different varieties of fruits, and all their unique shapes, colors, textures, and sizes. We will develop several projects--one may be a challenging still life; another project may be a marketing campaign encouraging the public to enjoy the health benefits of fruits--each artist would develop a campaign message and a public service logo; yet another project may involve creatively inventing your own fruit--think it's far-fetched? Think again--ever heard of a graple? Neither had I, until I saw one being sold in Wegmans! Yes, fruit botanists know how to merge different types of fruits together to create incredibly delicious hybrid fruits! So many different varieties and creative mergers to explore (imagine peeling a banana and seeing long orange wedges oozing with kiwi juices!).


Stillness vs. Movement

Use of lines is fundamental in practically all forms of art, and the way an artist draws a line, or a series of lines, is often what creates stillness or movement in art. I want to expand upon this with some creative drawings, perhaps paint, discuss and experiment with dramatic use of lines in the art nouveau styles. If your art has a flare for dramatic lines, this is your month. You'll never see a line the same way again!

See some examples of art nouveau: